Teflonslide Bearings

These slip joints are designed to allow for a movement of ±10mm between the sub-structure and super-structure of buildings, reservoirs, heat exchangers, pipe supports, pedestrian bridges etc, where shrinkage of concrete or small thermal movement needs to be catered for.

The bearing pads comprise of a lowfriction laminate of PTFE bonded to an elastomer pad, sliding on a mirror finish material.

The shutter is a high density polyethylene material.

The bearings are set equidistantly in a shutter of the same thickness.

The bearing plate is then placed over the bearing and shutter.

The bearing is then taped all round to prevent the ingress of any dirt and / or slurry.

The total thickness is 7mm and the bearing strips are supplied in 2 metre lengths.

Larger movements and various widths can be catered for as well as specific loads.