The ProductsA full range of catalogues is available in electronic form our web site or in hard copy form. As can be seen we are manufacturers of a number of products, which include expansion joints and bridge bearings. Bridge bearings are designed and manufactured under license to Federal Mogul.

Design standards used are to BS5400 or AASHTO.

Iron & Steel Corporation (ISCOR) produce materials used in the manufacture of bearings and expansion joints in South Africa. These are manufactured to BS4360 Grades, 43A & 55C, which meet the requirements of BS5400. These materials have been purchased from this supplier since our involvement in bearings and expansion joints with great success. However, we still find it necessary to import a great deal of steel from Germany to satisfy our high design specifications.

Product List

Structural Bearings

'A' Series Sliding Bearings for All structures/Boilers & Pipelines

  • Such as: AG/50/160/25/25 or AG/50/160/25/C AH,AJ & AK

'D' Series Line Rocker Bearings.

  • Such as: 10D-….., 11D-…... & 12D-…...

'F' Series Guide Vane Bearings

  • Such as: FB25, FB50

'G' Spherical Bearings

  • Such as: GA80/50/25, GB250 & GC125/50

'K' Series Pot Bearings

  • Such as: KA50/25/25, KB200 & KC800/75

Elastomeric Bearing pads

Special Structural Bearings

  • Tickey Pads

  • Kilcher bearing strips

  • Elastomeric Pads

Expansion Joints

Single Element Expansion Joints

  • E80SP & D80C