Sliding Bearings & Expansion Joints

Honel Structural Products (Pty) Ltd is the sole manufacturer of all structural bearings and expansion joints formerly supplied by Glacier Bearings South Africa (Pty) Ltd. Products are suitable for Bridges, Boilers, Steel structures, Pipelines and all other structures where there is a need to cater for both reversible and irreversible movements and rotation. The range of products, manufactured in our Pinetown factory, has successfully been supplied to both local and international markets since 1967.The company has been assessed in accordance with Agrement's requirements. Copies of the certificates are available on request.

The factory in South Africa has been producing expansion joints since 1973, and bridge bearings since 1967. A history of completed jobs since 1967 is available on request.

Our factory has turning and CNC machining capabilities for items as large as 2 meters! We also offer corrosion protection including Zinc metal spray as well as specialist welding and fabrication. We also have load testing facilities of up to 300 ton.

The workforce for Honel structural products boasts an average length of service of 10 to 30 years and we have experts in design, metal work, fabrication, straightening and machining.